| Jianne Paulo

The Creator Series: Jam Alas, Radio DJ and Host

Jam Alas, better known as @fruitpreserve online and among close circles, is a radio DJ at Magic 89.9, a featured streamer on Kumu, 1/2 of the Lokal Locas PH Podcast, Managing Director at Diabolic Digital Marketing Agency, an events host, and a single Scorpio. 
1. How have things been for you as a creator / creative since the lockdown? What have you been working on?

It’s definitely been interesting - as an events host, the responsibilities have shifted! At a live event, your responsibility is to keep the program going, and look & sound good doing it. In an online WFH hosting setup, you worry about the lights, the sound, the internet, background noise - on some level it’s nice knowing how much control you have but I think Uncle Ben said it best, really - “With great power comes great responsibility”. Charing!

On the bright side, my experience as a radio DJ has really helped me with multi-tasking, and it really opens up a level of creativity that brands are embracing. Also - haven’t had to deal with traffic for a while so that’s been a plus! I will say it’s been weird considering how a big part of hosting is measuring the mood of the crowd, but I think it’s all just a matter of perspective.
I will also say that hosting has become somewhat more personal as a result of holding events on social media - interesting, considering event participants can number in the hundreds & thousands!

My current projects revolve around hosting Studio899 weekly for Magic 89.9, building up episodes for Season 2 of my independent podcast (Lokal Locas PH, with my podpartner Dapsky Z), and streaming on Kumu. I also taught radio online, and that was interesting!

2. Are there any new things you would like to try out or start working on this year?

Honestly, I’m pretty happy with my current projects. Moving in-person projects has been quite a challenge to shifting online, but I’m happy to say that over time (and trial and error) I’ve been able to find a way to conduct classes online, host events from our kitchen, and record the podcast with my partner in our own bedrooms.

3. Tell us about your work / creative space. What is your current set-up like at home? 

Honestly my setup is pretty simple. I’ve got a USB mic (gifted from a few summers ago when I still dreamed of making music), my laptop, and whatever headphones I can get my hands on. Recently a co-worker from Magic 89.9 brought over a live broadcasting setup, so I’m pretty interested in getting to tinker around with it.

4. What are the challenges that you've encountered or still experiencing with your current space and set-up? 

I think the two biggest challenges are definitely sharing space & soundproofing. When you live with other people, you can’t just demand that they make space for you without doing the same. Since I live with my family, my brother and I measure out time where we know not to interrupt - and the same goes with the rest of our family. Sound-proofing, however, is an entirely different animal. You have to deal with pets, people, construction, the small but pervasive noise that permeates any space blessed with air-conditioning - there are so many things that make me realize how blessed we were to have soundproofing in our radio studio at Magic 89.9 as well as the recording booth at the station.

5. Given the chance, how would you like to set-up your space?

Better soundproofing would definitely be good! I should probably invest in better noise-cancelling headphones, but I’m doing my research for now.
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6. What Noiseless product do you think will greatly help with your current set-up at home right now? 

Acoustic Privacy System (Sound Masking) and the FlexiFuser looks SEXY AS HELL - and it looks like it would solve a bunch of problems too.

Follow Jam Alas on Instagram and Twitter @fruitpreserve, and catch her on air on Magic 89.9 and Studio899. Need a host? Hit her up at helpineedahost@gmail.com.