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    The Creator Series: Joey Santos, DJ, music producer

    For some, working from home has been a tough job to adapt to, but for DJ and music producer Joey Santos, this setup has been his norm for years. His work involves a lot of writing, filming, editing, and producing. He runs the GASthis! gear site and owns Love One Another Sound Production, and he ... View Post
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    A Sound Solution: How to Improve Your Work-From-Home Experience

    One thing we’ve learned from our work-from-home arrangement over the past year is how much we’ve taken our former workspaces for granted. While being closer to family members can bring comfort and assurance during this time, working amidst the distractions of a home may not be the most conducive ... View Post
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    Science of Absorption 101: Why control sound in the first place?

    In general terms, controlling sound is all about improving intelligibility or our ability to comprehend what is being communicated. Or more simply stated: taking the clutter out of the sound so that you can clearly hear the message. In a church, this may be the spoken word. In an airport, it may ... View Post