What is Noise.less?

Noise.less is an online shop for ready-to-use acoustic treatment solutions for your needs in your personal space. We made our website simple and easy to browse through so you can choose your preferred acoustic treatment for your noise-reduction solutions with ease.  


How many days does it take to deliver?

1 week within Metro Manila. Free delivery for orders with a minimum of Php5,000 within Metro Manila. For purchases below Php5,000, standard delivery charges for delivery in the 1 week period will apply.


What courier do we use to deliver the items?

For Shopify, we opt for Grab for local deliveries and use LBC for deliveries over longer distances.


Self install? Easy? 

Yes, quite easy to install and it’s very similar to how you would mount picture frames in your own walls at home. For those who would prefer someone to install your chosen panels for you, it’s possible for us to do the installation service, with an added installation cost.


How much does it normally cost? For a single room?

This will depend on the size of the area or space that you would want to treat. In our website we have available room kit options that are already pre-set for rooms that are up to 9sqm, up to 12sqm, and up to 15sqm in size.


What to do with the noise coming from traffic/construction work/crowd noise outside our house?

We can help you with noise concerns like echoes in the room or noise that originates from inside your room space. Our noise-reduction acoustic panels and acoustic treatment solutions, however, do not prevent noise from the outside permeating into your space.

If the noise from outside gets too much and closing your windows tightly or putting heavy drapes is not of any help, we have an Acoustic Privacy System product called Sonet Qt that will mask and muffle the noise that is your problem.


To give you an idea how this works, here is a short video explaining SOUND MASKING.



Is your inventory in stock?

All our product inventory is in stock.


Are your panels made of foam?

No, our panels are not made of foam. Noise.less Broadway Acoustic Panels by Primacoustic are made from high-density glass wool and fully encapsulated with micro mesh to ensure safe handling and edges are hardened with resin for clean architectural lines and appearance. Our panels are built to last.