| Angel Dacumos

Why Now Is The Best Time To Create Content

The entertainment industry is one of the five industries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, closing down major revenue streams like concerts, music festivals, and movie theatres to avoid the spreading of the virus. 

But unlike other heavily affected industries such as tourism and sports, the entertainment industry’s easy adaptability to technology has given artists the opportunity to connect with an “unprecedentedly large audience.” As the world plunges deeper into instability, many people look for quality content to cope through the long and uncertain hours at home.

Simple Entertainment

Musicians, comedians, and other entertainers have moved to home videos and livestreams, offering intimate, stripped-down performances—a far cry from the pedestaled spectacles of a stage. Indie artists, who usually thrive in DIY methods, are uploading to streaming services more than before, sharing songs that were only recorded in their own bedrooms. Some artists are also exploring podcasting, a thriving medium where a microphone is all that’s needed to get started.

The boom in such rudimentary, home-based entertainment, reminds us that creating content in this day and age can be as simple as hitting the record button. You no longer have to be in the entertainment industry to express yourself and reach a wide audience.

Our quarantine days have made this more evident, as Youtube videos of everyday tasks by ordinary people have experienced a 600% increase in views since March 15. These include workout routines, cooking tutorials, haircut how-to’s, music lessons, and many “with me” videos, which invite viewers to do mundane tasks with the Youtuber, like cleaning or studying.

Anyone can create content. But why choose to create at a time like this?

Creativity for Solidarity

In Nisha Gupta's research article on art therapy in the time of coronavirus, she explains how art-making is not just an outlet for ourselves; “it promotes physical, mental, and social health at a time in history when all of these are under threat by COVID-19.” By creating art and connecting with the existing network of internet users seeking inspiring content, we remain “together-in-solidarity” as a global community weathering through this pandemic.

Now is the best time to start your passion project, dabble in new interests, or continue building upon your existing content. Not only will you grow creatively; you could be giving someone from another part of the world a reason to keep keeping on.

Improve Your Home Studio with Noiseless

Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just a beginner, Noiseless can help give your recorded content an edge with home studio tools like:

VoxGuards: These are portable acoustic screens that reduce the ambient noise around a microphone when recording. They help deliver cleaner and more articulated audio tracks, making it perfect for music, podcasts, or any other recordings. You can choose between the VoxGuard VU, which is designed for mic stands, and the VoxGuard DT, which is designed for microphones on desks and tables.

Recoil stabilizers: These are unique speaker mounting devices that at once eliminate disruptive resonant coupling from the loudspeaker to the stand, while providing a stable base that reduces the recoil caused by the forward energy of the loudspeaker motion. Explore our site to find our many recoil stabilizer models!

Radiators: This is a multi-faceted device used to break up high-frequency sound energy and create a sense of air and space in any room. This makes it perfect for studios, or wherever you may want to eliminate flutter echo without over-deadening the room. The architecturally pleasing look also makes the Radiator perfect for improving intelligibility in any environment.

London Bass Traps: These control excessive low frequency build-up that cause room modes in studios and listening rooms. They help complete your home studio by being mounted at room corners for optimal performance. They also make ideal add-ons to our London 8 and 10 room kits.

FlexiBooths: This is another great choice for ambience control in vocal tracks. FlexiBooths can adapt into any room, providing an instant vocal booth that gives studio quality to your recordings. If you had to buy just one piece of acoustic treatment for your home studio, a single FlexiBooth will do the job.

Someone out there is waiting for your content. You’ll be surprised who you’ll inspire.