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Creating A Conducive Learning Environment At Home

With classrooms shutting down worldwide, online learning has become the best way to keep education alive. Our kids can now attend virtual classes and complete web-based assignments in the safety of their own homes. But despite this convenient workaround, online learning still poses some challenges.

Focusing in a classroom can be difficult in itself, but focusing while the whole family is home is even trickier. Our kids need all the help to turn their home—the main place for rest and play—into a place of productivity, at least during school hours.

Since they’re still adjusting to this new arrangement, many factors can easily disrupt their learning. Here are some ways to contain those disruptions and secure a conducive environment for your kids this school year:

1) Designate a workspace
When learning from home, it’s important that your kids keep a habit of productivity. By giving them their own little “school area”, with all the things they need to focus, you can ease them into an effective routine.

When setting up this workspace, keep the essentials like textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, and paper ready at hand. This keeps them planted in the area, maintaining their state of flow. You can also try hanging boards for them to stick notes or reminders on any assignments, helping them be more attuned to their tasks.

2) Block distractions
After providing a workspace, maintain your kids’ concentration by blocking out potential distractions. Keep their phones and games far away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Convince other family members to lower down their noise during school hours. Or better yet, convince them to work the same time as your kids! Syncing the whole family’s work times can ensure a quiet and distraction-less household.

3) Regulate internet use
Internet speed is crucial to the quality of online learning. If upgrading to faster broadband is not an option, ask your family members to lessen internet use during important school hours. Your kids can face choppy lectures or slow-responding exam pages if other internet-users at home are downloading or streaming content.

4) Check up on progress and well-being
End your kids’ school hours by asking them what they learned today. This not only updates you on their progress but also sharpens their long-term retention of information.

Take this time to also check on how they’re feeling. The challenges of the new normal can heavily affect the mental health of your kids. If they have any concerns, adjust to their needs accordingly.

How else can I create a conducive environment?
As we noted in our previous article, sound treatment can enhance productivity at home. 

If your kids have regular internet calls, communication must stay clear to maintain quality interactions with teachers and groupmates. It won’t matter if you’ve blocked out noise or secured fast internet—a room with too much reverberation can muddle your voice. In a time when Zoom and Google Meet sessions are mainstays of communication, a clear and comprehensible voice can make a huge difference.

Noise.less is happy to provide the home interiors you need to reduce unnecessary reverberation, keeping your children’s workspace sounding clear. Our London 8 room kit in particular is perfect for rooms up to 9sqm. It comes with all the mounting hardware included for easy installation in your home. 

Aside from bringing better sounding acoustics, London 8’s panels will be a good-looking addition to your room as you can choose from three stylish colors to match your design aesthetic. If you want to kick your design game up a notch you may opt for the kit’s paintable version, which allows for personalized designs like digitally printed photos and artworks.

Home Studio Layout:

Home Layout


Large Room layout:

Large Layout

Vocal Booth Layout:

Vocal Booth

In this new normal, the smallest things can influence your kids’ learning experience. Consider taking the extra step in securing your home’s productivity by investing in our noise-reduction interiors.


Vocal Booth

Our acoustic panels will fit in any room size or available space in your home’s makeshift work area, all while staying within your budget. Message us now to find the best ones for you and your loved ones!