• RX9 - DF (Black)

RX9 - DF (Black)

Recoil Stabilizer, Down Fire, 15"X 11"

Used for Center Channel Speakers 


The Recoil Stabilizer is a nearfield monitor platform that incorporates four different elements to create the whole. This includes:

  1. Retention padThin no-slip neoprene surface secures the nearfield monitor to the top surface for maximum signal transfer.
  2. Steel platformLaser cut ¼” (6mm) steel platform adds the necessary stabilizing mass to rigidly hold the nearfield monitor in place.
  3. The curved front panel eliminates standing waves and adds mass to the platform without increasing the footprint.
  4. Isolation foam high-density open cell acoustic foam provides acoustic isolation to eliminate coupling between loudspeaker and shelf.


Down Fire

The DF or down-fire model introduces a 5º degree angle to compensate for the added 2" (5cm) height that the Recoil Stabilizer will introduce when put in position. This is often a good choice when the near fields are used on a meter bridge or elevated shelf that cannot be adjusted.

  • ₱13,200.00