London Bass Traps Kit (Black, Beige, Grey, Paintable)

Corner Mounted Bass Traps

Mounting Hardware is INCLUDED

The London Bass Traps are designed to help control excessive low-frequency build-up that cause room modes in studios and listening rooms. Acoustic energy naturally migrates to corners using the walls and ceiling as waveguides. This makes corner-mounting the bass trap the preferred location. Set of 2" 24" 48" panels.


Home Theater

Create an accurate listening environment for your room by controlling bass for your home theater or listening room.

Basstraps in Studio

Add London Bass Traps to your existing sound treatment or a London 8 Room Kit for extra low-end absorption.

Basstraps in Studio

Primacoustic modular approach allows you to purchase the panels you need and add additional panels when you want.

  • ₱12,500.00