• Crash Guard

Crash Guard

Crash Guard/Small Drum Shield Isolator

  • Reduces sound of cymbals from spilling into drum mics
  • Lightweight design fits most popular microphones
  • Allows drum mic to be articulated for precise aiming
  • Improves isolation for added control over each drum


Between snare and hi-hat

When used for snare drum the CrashGuard attenuates sound from the high-hat allowing for better isolation and EQ for the snare mic.

Between toms and cymbals

CrashGuard attenuates the sound from the crash and ride cymbals reducing bleed on the floor tom mics.

For percussion mics

Percussion instruments cut through the din on stage and bleed into other percussion mics. Crashguard allows for greater separation between mics.

  • ₱4,200.00
  • ₱0.00