• Corner Impaler
  • Corner Impaler

Corner Impaler

Corner mount impaler, 45º, push-down

  • Turns any corner into an effective bass trap
  • Easy to install design provides screwdriver access
  • Two-way pivoting anchor for left or right-hand installation

Corners are the acoustician’s best friend. Walls and ceiling act as waveguides that drive energy into the corner where maximum pressure is created. Primacoustic Corner Impaler is designed to work with 24″ x 48″ (60.96cm x 121.92cm) Broadway Broadband absorbers to provide effective absorption in this critical zone by combining this high-density glass-wool panel with a deep 17″ (43.18cm) cavity to deliver effective bass control.

The Corner Impaler features a unique wedge-shaped design with four pivoting darts. This allows a single device to be used on either the left or right-hand side when corner mounting the Broadway panel. To make installation as easy as possible, extra cutouts allow a regular screwdriver direct access to the mounting points.

Using the Corner Impaler

Corner Bass Trap - Impaler


Preparing Impaler Heads:

Impaler darts are bi-directional and are pivoted outward as needed to create left and right Corner Impalers.


24″ (60.96cm) wide Broadway panel, space the Corner Impaler clip 17″ (43.16cm) from the corner.

Corner Bass Trap - Impaler
Corner Bass Trap - Impaler
  • ₱300.00